Human Resource

The HR Section has been entrusted the assignment to manage the affairs of Human Resource of the Authority in light of the OGRA Service Regulations 2005. The Section is responsible to facilitate the process of hiring by the Authority which includes preparation of all requisite documentation. The personal files / data are managed for effective career development of the employees. In this regard the employees transfer/posting to different departments is initiated with a view to diversify/enrich their experience and ultimately enhance their knowledge base. The Performance Evaluation Reports are maintained effectively which are instrumental for promotions of the employees. In order to maintain discipline, from time to time circulations are issued for further improvement as well as to initiate disciplinary action in case of defiance with the approval of the Authority. The compensation and benefits to the employees, eg increase of salary/allowance, house building loan, etc are initiated with due course of time, however the medical and house building loan cases of the employees are processed regularly. The leave record of each employee is maintained as well as leave encashment cases are processed. The Legal/litigation matters of the employees are handled with due diligence and confidentiality. In short all matters relating to the employees are handled by HR Section effectively.