Complaints Section

Complaint against Gas Utility Company is entertained by the Registrar Office OGRA, if a consumer/person fails to get desired relief from the licensee, the Registrar Office forwards the complaint to concerned Designated Officer (DO) of the Complaint Section related to specific area under Complaint Resolution Procedure Regulations (CRPR), 2003. The DO performs quasi-judicial function while dealing with the complaints. The DO after obtaining comprehensive report/response/clarification from gas utility company/licensee, gives an opportunity of meeting/hearing to both the parties and decides the complaints based on availabe documentary evidences, hearing procedings, arguments exchange etc. as per applicable policy/procedures. Implementation of OGRA's decisions on complaint cases are also ensured by concerned DO. Further, record of the complaints is also maintained under respective Designated Officer, who prepares response/replies, if necessary in respect of court case(s)/petition(s) etc. pertaining to complaints cases.