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To reduce UFG: Prototype Methane Gas Detector presented in OGRA Dated October 23, 2020


Islamabad – Engineers from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Oil and Gas Company Limited (KPOGCL) visited OGRA and demonstrated the prototype of Methane Gas Detector and briefed about its working. Member Gas Mr. Muhammad Arif, Member Oil Mr. Zainul Abideen Qureshi and officers from Gas Department were present in the demonstration. The gas detector alarm activates when brought near the leakage of methane gas, commonly known as natural gas. The gas detector not only detects methane but also detect LPG and butane leakages. Moreover, the detector is low in cost and efficient in operation.

Mr. Muhammad Arif, Member Gas and Mr. Zainul Abideen Qureshi, Member Oil made various suggestions for further improvement of this detector which KPOGCL engineers considered to be highly feasible and effective. Mr. Zainul Abideen Qureshi said that this is an excellent initiative by KPOGCL and can be used in various sectors like public transport in which CNG is used and accidents can be avoided. Mr. Muhammad Arif assured OGRA’s full cooperation in utilization of detectors once manufactured and commercialized.

Mr. Muhammad Arif, Member Gas also emphasized that such type of equipments should be developed and commercialized as soon as possible which is likely to help in considerably reducing the UFG of Gas Companies.