About Us

Chairman's Statement

OGRA as a primary Regulator of Pakistan’s midstream and downstream Oil & Gas Industry, is formulating and fostering an effective regulatory framework of strategic and critical nature in an effort to protect and safeguard the consumer’s and national interests.

Establishing the Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority under the OGRA Ordinance 2002, was aimed at providing effective and efficient Regulations, fostering competition, encouraging investment, protection of public interest and ensuring level playing field within the Sector. As a Regulator, OGRA is committed to consistently merit the confidence of all stakeholders.     

The Industry faces an unprecedented combination of challenges with the energy transition, COVID-19 pandemic and a weak oil market with prices under pressure. OGRA has rapidly reprioritized during these times of crisis and is committed to doing everything we can to discover and render systemic technological solutions and systems to accelerate the energy transition, to retain skills and create a more sustainable and resilient supply chain. We are committed to provide a solution to all our stakeholders, against all the headwinds being faced by the sector currently, with key objective to make OGRA become a world class Authority, setting the framework for a sustainable and competitive Oil & Gas Industry.

My confidence in OGRA’s success is made even stronger by the quality of our people, our team. I am proud to lead an organization of people with a true affinity and enthusiasm to progress. I firmly believe their energy will make OGRA succeed in contributing towards a prosperous future in the sector. Central to my plans to succeed as a regulator, is also ensuring that OGRA proves to be a great place to work, attracting, engaging and retaining the top talent.

OGRA aspires to provide One-Window operations covering licensing, regulations and compliance using digitalization, to its consumers. With a robust Enforcement and Compliance program, OGRA intends to achieve Regulatory excellence.

We will continue to work closely with all industry stakeholders to deliver a safe, sustainable and competitive industry that realizes its full potential in the transition to a low carbon future. I am confident that OGRA, through innovation and adaptation, will overcome all challenges and will continue to contribute massively to the energy transition, economic growth and prosperity.