Secretariat department is responsible for performing the duties and responsibilities of secretariat nature, as entrusted to it, under the supervision of Secretary OGRA. The department is mandated to effectively conduct the Meetings of the Authority (Regulatory & Administrative) wherein the decisions are taken, in the spirit of OGRA Ordinance, 2002, pertaining to the regulatory affairs of the mid and downstream petroleum sector as well the internal matters of the organization. Key functions/responsibilities include issuance of notice, agenda and working papers to the Authority Members and concerned departmental Heads after soliciting approval of the Chairperson for calling Meeting in accordance with Sub Section 5 of Section 4 of the OGRA Ordinance, preparation and submission of minutes of the meeting proceedings to the Authority for signatures and dissemination of decisions to the concerned department/s. Further, this department monitors the implementation of the decisions by the concerned departments and compiles the report on implementation status for presentation before the Authority as regular agenda in each Meeting. Secretariat department is responsible to coordinate with the Cabinet Division and other agencies regarding the matters of the Chairman/Chairperson and Members of the Authority and it also acts as a custodian of record of declaration of assets submitted by all employees of OGRA on yearly basis.