Planning & Coordination

Coordinate all activities of OGRA to produce material for preparation and printing of quality OGRA Annual Reports i.e. “Report on Conduct of OGRA Affairs” and “Report on State of the Regulated Petroleum Industry” as per provisions of OGRA Ordinance 2002. To process training courses for capacity building of OGRA employees through provision of local and foreign trainings and participation in seminars, symposiums & workshops etc. at local and international level. Liaison with all Departments/Units of the Authority on multifarious issues as and when required and to coordinate/process cases pertaining to different Ministries/Divisions/Departments, etc. Coordinate and provide material to Government functionaries for preparation of Cabinet Year Book, Pakistan Trade Policy Finance Minister’s Budget Speech, Pakistan Five Year Plan, Regulatory Framework, Economic Survey of Pakistan, Performance, etc. Cases pertaining to internship for young graduates as per approved policy of the Authority. The Department also manage IT related services and matters under the Head of IT professional the includes maintenance and information updation of OGRA’s website pertaining to oil & gas issues especially regulatory issues, floating press releases and decisions of Authority etc. Provision of IT support to end users on all five floors, internet and email services, computer software support/ reinstallation, support hardware specifications and recommendations on IT matters, etc.