Legal & Litigation

Legal department deals with the matters of legal nature which includes reviewing of legal documents, providing opinion on legal issues relating to Oil and Gas Sector, drafting, vetting and structuring of legal contract and formulation of rules and regulations. The core duties of Legal department includes to critically examine and analyze the policy documents, agreement between utility companies and consumers, to use preventive lawyering by reviewing various legal issues, correspondence, decision and other matters under the jurisdictions of the Authority and making recommendations, to provide legal opinion and advice to the Authority in matters relating to Natural Gas, CNG, LPG, LNG and Oil industry.

Core function of Litigation department is to handle court cases for and against OGRA before various Court throughout the Country. So far Litigation department has represented the Authority through counsels as well as through in-house counsel in more than 9323 Court case. Litigation department assist the Honourable Court by responding Court Notices, preparing pleadings, documents, affidavits, appeals etc. to ensure compliance of law of the land and governing laws of Oil and Gas sector. Conducting research on legal issues and meetings with the counsels engaged in various matters to ensure effective defense in court cases.