The Federal Government enforced the provisions of sub-section (3) of Section 23 and clauses (a) & (b) of sub-section (3) of section 44 of OGRA Ordinance 2002 with effect from 15th March 2006, empowering the Authority to regulate mid and downstream oil sector in the country under the Pakistan Petroleum (Refining, Blending and Marketing) Rules 1971 till January 22, 2016 and under the new Rules [i.e. Pakistan Oil (Refining, Blending, Transportation, Storage & Marketing) Rules, 2016] w.e.f. January 22, 2016. In view of the foregoing, the powers conferred under the aforesaid Rules to the extent granted under SRO No. 236(1)/2006 dated March 13, 2006 & OGRA Ordinance mainly pertains to grant of license to undertake marketing of refined oil products, construction & operation of oil refinery, oil pipeline, oil storage facility, lube oil blending/ reclamation facility, establishing/ operation of lubricant Marketing Companies, oil testing facility, quality monitoring of refined oil products, handling complaints related to the sector, enforcement of technical standards etc.

  1. POL Stocks Report 2021
    • POL Stocks Dated 4-11-2021

    • POL Stocks Dated 1-11-2021

  2. Terms and Conditions for Establishing an Oil Marketing Company

  3. Requirements for Lube Oil Blending Reclamation Grease Plant Construction

  4. Application Form for Registration of Lubricants Importers/Individuals and Companies

  5. Application Form for Lube Oil Blending Reclamation Grease Plant

  6. Detail of OGRA Approved Third Party Inspectors for Inspection of Oil Infrastructure Dated March 09, 2020

  7. Decision of Authority Regarding Any Penalty on OGRA's Licensees Dated June 01, 2018

  8. Application Form & Checklist for Licensing of New/ Existing Lube Oil Blending/ Reclamation/ Grease Plant

  9. Application Form and Checklist for Licensing of New/ Existing Lubricant Marketing Company

  10. OGRA Approved Oil Testing Facility

  11. Criteria for the grant of licence to new Oil Marketing Company

  12. Criteria/ Minimum Requirement for Oil Testing Facility Dated April 05, 2019