Consumer Affairs

Consumer Affairs Department
Consumer Affairs Department comprising of Complaints and Appeal Sections. The main function of this department is to facilitate consumers of gas utility companies (SNGPL & SSGCL) by handling complaints related to provision of gas connection, excessive/wrong billing, meter tampering/gas theft charges etc. in the light of Complaints Resolution Procedure Regulations, 2003, for handling complaints. This department consists of various Designated Officers (D.Os) to perform quasi-judicial functions to process, hear and decide the consumer complaints as per law/Regulations after providing ample opportunity of hearing to either parties under Section 11 of OGRA Ordinance. In order to facilitate the domestic consumers, currently hearings on complaints are also conducted in SNGPL/SSGCL Regional Offices with a view to administering justice at door step. Complaints are decided by the Designated Officers within 90 days or earlier as per applicable Regulations. At the moment the Designated Officers (D.O’s) are placed at Karachi, Quetta, Lahore and Peshawar in addition to Head Office, Islamabad, so as to ensure speedy resolution/decision on complaints. The Appeals section comprised of techno-legal manpower as authorized to assist the Authority in disposal of Appeals and then review petitions in Natural Gas and Other Than Gas (OTG) cases.

Complaints Section
Complaints against Gas Utility Company is entertained by the Registrar Office, OGRA, if a consumer/person fails to get desired relief from the licensee, the Registrar Office forwards the complaints to concerned Designated Officer (D.O.) of the Complaints Section related to specific area under Complaint Resolutions (CRPR), 2003. The DO performs qusi-judicial function while dealing with the complaints. The DO after obtaining comprehensive report/response/clarification from gas utility company/licensee, gives an opportunity of meeting/hearing to both the parties and decides the complaints based on available documentary evidences, hearing proceedings, arguments exchange etc. as per applicable policy/procedures. Implementation of OGRA’s decisions on complaint cases are also ensured by concerned DO. Further, record of the complaints is also maintained under respective Designated Officer, who prepares response/replies, if necessary in respect of court case (s)/petitions(s) etc. pertaining to complaints cases.

Appeals Section
Appeals section receives appeals and reviews as per section 12 (1) and section 13 of the OGRA ordinance 2002, which are filed by the aggrieved person/parties including consumers and licensee against the decision of the designated officers and the Authority respectively, passed in cases of billing, gas pilferage, provision of gas connection, violations committee by licensees of OGRA Ordinance, rules/regulations, made thereunder, terms and conditions of their licensees, and other miscellaneous matters. Appeals section also receives appeals/reviews of LPG, CNG, Oil enforcement cases etc. pertaining to imposition of fines and penalties. These cases are accordingly processed and placed before the Authority for hearing. Appeals section record the hearings proceedings and decisions are prepared as per the directions of the Authority. After approval of the Authority, the decisions are issued to the concerned parties.

  1. Complaints Received/Decided for the Period (2003 to 2021)

  2. Appointment of Designated Officers under CRPR 2003

  3. Complaint Resolution Procedure Regulation, 2003

  4. Nature/Type of Complaints being handled by OGRA

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  6. Complaint Friendly Environment

  7. Complaint Resolution Procedure-Form(English)

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  9. Amendment in Complaint Resolution Procedure Regulations, 2003 Dated 10-5-2005