Human Resource

The HR Section has been entrusted the assignment to manage the affairs of Human Resource of the Authority in light of the OGRA Service Regulations 2005. The HR Section is responsible to facilitate the process of recruitment and retain highly qualified and experienced professionals both in Technical and General service groups of the Authority. OGRA is highly committed to train its human resource asset on regular basis by providing the opportunity to attend local and foreign training courses in order to stay abreast of energy sector and other administrative trainings. In view of corporate and social responsibility, the internship opportunities are provided to a limited number of fresh graduates in order to get hands-on experience. Performance Appraisals in respect of all employees are managed on fiscal year basis and all PERs are considered by the Departmental Selection and Promotion Committee, for recommendations of promotion of employees, to the Authority. OGRA Service Regulations has detailed provisions regarding Conduct, Ethics and Discipline so that to maintain/observe the highest ethical/discipline standards in the organization. In short, HR Section look after the matters pertaining to recruitment of finest human resource, its retention, career progression and development, provision of medical facility from panel hospitals, compensation and other benefits for the employees.