1. The technical codes and standards for LNG related projects including FSRU, FSU, Onshore LNG Storage, Virtual LNG projects etc, in Pakistan

  2. LNG NFPA 59A Standard Document - (This is 2019 edition of NFPA_59A, any latest edition can be acquired from the relevant agency)

  3. LPG Technical Standards for LPG Industry (As Per Appendix-I of LPG Rules 2001)

  4. Natural Gas Technical Standards
    • Proposals for Modification in Pakistan Gas Network Code (PGNWC) (Tabeer Marketing)

    • Natural Gas Measurement (Technical Standards) Regulations 2019

    • Performance and Service Standards 2019

    • Pakistan Gas Network Code

    • Distribution Standards 2004

    • Transmission Standards 2004

    • Performance Standards

    • Natural Gas Quality

    • Standard Technical Specifications for Equipment and Materials

  5. Oil Technical Standards
    • Depots for the Storage of Petroleum Products

    • Oil Transportation (Pipeline)

    • Retail Outlets

    • Technical Standards for Oil Refineries

    • Road Transport Vehicles, Containers and Equipment for Transportation of Petroleum