1. The technical codes and standards for LNG related projects including FSRU, FSU, Onshore LNG Storage, Virtual LNG projects etc, in Pakistan

  2. LPG Technical Standards for LPG Industry (As Per Appendix-I of LPG Rules 2001)

  3. Natural Gas Technical Standards
    • Pakistan Gas Network Code Dated 12 January 2024

    • Proposals for Modification in Pakistan Gas Network Code (PGNWC) (Tabeer Marketing)

    • Proposal for Modification of Pakistan Gas Network Code (PGNWC) Dated 12 January 2024

    • Natural Gas Measurement (Technical Standards) Regulations 2019

    • Performance and Service Standards 2019

    • Pakistan Gas Network Code

    • Distribution Standards 2004

    • Transmission Standards 2004

    • Performance Standards

    • Natural Gas Quality

    • Standard Technical Specifications for Equipment and Materials

  4. Oil Technical Standards
    • Depots for the Storage of Petroleum Products

    • Oil Transportation (Pipeline)

    • Retail Outlets

    • Technical Standards for Oil Refineries

    • Road Transport Vehicles, Containers and Equipment for Transportation of Petroleum