The regulatory functions of Natural Gas sector were transferred to OGRA on March 28, 2002. The basic functions performed by Gas Department pertain to grant of licences regarding Sale, Transmission and Distribution of Natural Gas / RLNG, Determination of Revenue Requirements of Gas Utility Companies i.e. SNGPL and SSGCL on regular basis, monitoring and enforcement of rules, regulations / standards and applicable licence conditions, approval of Gas Sale / Purchase Agreements pertaining to the regulated gas sector. Another important tasks performed by Gas Department is to handle cases related to Natural Gas Infrastructure Development Projects. Processing of cases regarding Gas Pipeline Capacity Allocation and related Gas Transportation Agreements. Gas Department is undertaking studies such as review of TPA Rules, conduct of UFG Study of Gas Sector, liaison with International Organizations / Donors, e.g. World Bank, USAID, etc, regarding Gas Sector Reforms. Furthermore, Gas Department responds / attends the Court Cases pertaining to the regulated Gas Sector, formulation of rules, regulations and procedures for the conduct of licensees.