CNG Department comprises of professional engineers having experience in Oil & Gas Sector. The department is being headed by an Executive Director, supported by (01) Joint Director, (03) Deputy Directors, , (03) Assistant Directors looking after different areas of work associated with CNG Sector. CNG Department/ OGRA has been regulating the CNG Sector under OGRA Ordinance, 2002 and CNG (Production & Marketing) Rules, 1992 since March 15, 2003. OGRA has granted around (6154) CNG Provisional licenses for establishment of CNG Stations across the country since inception and around (3500) CNG Stations have acquired CNG Marketing Licenses for their operation which contributed an overall investment of approximately Rs. 90 Billion (direct and indirect) in CNG Sector.  In order to ensure safe operation of CNG Stations, CNG Department conducts safety inspections on annual basis through its designated 3rd party inspectors and deficient CNG Stations are penalized are as per applicable Rules/ Laws.


“For ease of licensees, OGRA is introducing “Application Forms” for following routine cases. Fill your application carefully on approved Application Form along with all applicable formalities and submit to OGRA. Application forms can be downloaded from the following links.”

Note: Furthermore, incomplete request/application in light of any of the pre-requisites mentioned in Application Form shall not be entertained, returned in original and penalized as per the applicable Rules whereas; operation of CNG stations without valid and renewed CNG marketing licence shall be illegal.” 

  1. Status of CNG Marketing Licenses Province Wise Dated February 23, 2023

  2. Updated List of Operational CNG Stations (Province-wise) Dated February 23, 2023

  3. Updated List of Cancel CNG Stations Dated February 23, 2023

  4. Application Form for the Renewal/Extension in CNG Production & Marketing License under Rule 3 and 7 of CNG Rules 1992 Dated February 01, 2022

  5. List of OGRA's Designated Third Party Inspectors for CNG Sector Dated March 26, 2021

  6. Pre-Requisite for License on RLNG Dated March 01, 2021

  7. CANCELLED CNG licences Dated March 01, 2021

  8. Application Form for CNG Licence (Only on RLNG Basis) Dated March 01, 2021

  9. List of Approved Dispenser Dated August 30, 2017

  10. List of Approved CNG Storage Cylinders Dated August 30, 2017

  11. List of Approved CNG Kits Dated August 30, 2017

  12. List of Approved CNG Vehicle Cylinders Dated August 30, 2017

  13. Attention all CNG Vehicle Owners

  14. Attention all CNG Vehicle Owners (Urdu Version)