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Visit of OGRA Officials to SNGPL Lahore

Visit of OGRA Officals to SNGPL, Lahore

A team of OGRA comprising Sajid Rauf, Joint Executive Director (Gas ), M. Asif, Joint Executive Director (Gas ), G.M. Shaheen, Joint Executive Director (Gas ), and Shahzad Faisal, Joint Executive Director (Finance), were deputed at SNGPL Head office, Lahore from 22nd to 25th September 2020, to examine internal business control systems and procedures adopted by SNGPL related to the regulated activity. The exercise was carried out with the focus to study the whole gas supply chain including the cost of gas and components of consumer tariff. During the stay OGRA team reviewed /analysed the data relating to gas purchases from indigenous sources, swapped gas volumes received from SSGCL at 04 delivery points, gas being internally consumed for running of compressors, coating plant and free gas facility.


Thereafter data relating to gas volumes being delivered by Transmission department to the Distribution Department at delivery points i.e. SMS was also reconciled with gas purchases /swapped volumes. Joint Meter Calibration (JMC) reports jointly signed by the producer and SNGPL of gas fields and JMC reports in respect of RLNG volumes at 04 custody transfer points were also cross-checked randomly. Moreover, a reconciliation exercise was also conducted to compare the Audited financial statements of FY 2018-19, with the Final Revenue Requirement of said year. The wrap-up session was chaired by Muhammad Arif, Member (Gas) and Misbah Yaqub, Sr. Executive Director Gas) also participated in it. During the session, Deputy Managing Director SNGPL and his senior management warmly welcomed the guests. OGRA officials briefed about the tasks carried out at different levels with the various departments of SNGPL and appreciated the facilitation being provided by the SNGPL staff.  Member (Gas) assured his resolve for effective and objective oriented regulation by the Regulator to strike a balance amongst all stakeholders. The meeting concluded with the understanding that such visits may frequently be arranged to complement mutual efforts for provision of quality and cost-effective services to all involved in the gas supply chain.